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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Is There A HLAVC?

a. The Lodging & Hospitality Association of Volusa County was established to provide a vehicle for cooperation among all members of the hotel industry. It means you become part of the voice of the hospitality industry. Membership means you're part of the business industry and community leadership in the Daytona resort area.

Hotels, motels, management companies, associate businesses, hospitality industry students ... all participate in the business, social and government activities of the association and the industry.

The Lodging & Hospitality Association of Volusa County is here to serve its membership, the hospitality industry and the local community.

2. What are some HLAVC Member Activities?

a. Board Meetings

Once a month except when a general membership meeting is called, then the board meeting is canceled until the next month. The board meetings take place on the second floor of the Area Chamber of Commerce Building.

General Membership Meeting
Generally 2-3 times a year. At these meetings, associates are allowed to display their products. This is an excellent time for associates to network with hoteliers.

County Council Meeting
A luncheon with County Council members once a year so members of the hotel/motel industry can present their concerns to this elected body.

Safety and Security Committee
Assemblage of security personnel to exchange information about problems occurring in our area and how to defend against them.

Product and Services Review Committee
Committee meets to review products of individuals or organizations that wish to present their products to the Board of Directors.

Legislative Meeting
A combined meeting consisting of the builders, realtors and moteliers who meet with various members of the legislature to discuss specific areas of concern that affect these three organizations.

3. Why You Should Join HLAVC?
a. Governmental Issues

The Lodging & Hospitality Association of Volusia County provides up-to-date information and position statements on issues affecting the hospitality industry both in Tallahassee (State organization of the FLA Florida Lodging Association) and the AH&L (American Hotel & Lodging Association - Washington D.C.)

4. Who Can Be A Member?

There are three membership categories:

1) Lodging members are the owners, general managers or their representatives of individual hotel/motel properties. Dues are based on the number of rooms the hotel operates.
2) Associate members are vendors to the industry and to one another. Dues are fixed amounts as determined by the number of employees and the Board of Directors.
3) Student members are students enrolled in the hospitality industry and related courses at local education institutions. Dues are determined by the Board of Directors.

5. What are some additional member benefits?

- Updates on events affecting our industry
- Educational seminars
- Employee educational programs
- Various discounts on products and services
- Legislative Action Committee

We are Associate members of:

- AH&LA (American Hotel & Lodging Association)
- Daytona Regional Chamber
- Convention & Visitor's Bureau
- Halifax Advertising Authority
- V CARD (Volusia County Association of Responsible Development)
- Volusia Manufacturing Association

6. Where can I find information on the Florida Hotel & Motel Association? (Need Link)